5 Tip When Buying Convertible Car Seat

My little one Alexander is quickly growing. Along with growth comes buying new clothing and gear to meet their ever changing developmental needs. As I just returned to work I needed to invest in 3 new car seats for one child. Yes, when I say it out loud it sounds crazy. But we needed three so my husband, parents, and myself would all be able to transport both kids. Alex is now over 31 inches and has outgrown our infant car seat. Here what I did when considering a new seat.

car seat

1. New VS. Used

Looked at prices and sales and thought about the weight limit on the seats we already own. Also considered how long the manufacture considers a seat safe, some say 6-7 years after manufacture date. Craig’s List

2. When Can I Move My Child Into A Booster Seat?

This is seat regulated and depends where you live. Some states have a weight and an age. In the state of Florida your child just needs to be 4 years old. Personally I don’t feel ready yet. I will reassess how I feel when he turns 5. Here is the link to check out your state. 2014 Child Passenger Safety Laws

3. How to Install A Car Seat?

Here is a website dedicated to installation on car seats. Seat Check

4. Car Seat Ratings

As I saw ads and looked at sale I went to this website to check their official safety rating. NHTSA

5. Reviews

I like reading review about why people are happy and unhappy with their products. I looked on Amazon for the car seats. Amazon Reviews


After research I have come to the conclusion to buy used. I searched on my local Craig’s List and ask the sellers many questions. I even went to look at a few and walked away after noticing things like tears and soda corroding the foam on the interior. So far we purchased 2 carseats. Both wear Britax top rated seats. The first was a Boulevard and the second was a Roundabout. They were both manufactured in the end to 2009 and according to the manufacture they have 7 years of use. Britax Retired Seats. We inspected the straps and the foam interior for safety. We have a  seats that holds up to 65lb. and another 55lb.  My 4 year old only weighs about 32lb. so weight limit wasn’t a big deal as we might move him to a standard booster in a year. Total spent was $50.00 on two seats. I feel my children will be safe and we invested wisely.