Do SAHM’s Need A Nanny?


What do you think of when someone says a stay-at-home mom? Does a particular image come to mind? I just read an article about a stay-at-home mom needing a nanny. Not everyone is cut out be to with their kids 24/7. Especially if you need me time to have your nails done I mean to go to the grocery store.

Every now and then, I get a little frantic myself. I need some time away from the kids other than when they are sleeping. My husband is usually very good about taking the kids so I can bake, run out to the store, or even just wash the dishes after dinner. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone but I love washing the dishes. My husband gets the kiddos ready for bed. I wash and clean, pump, and get a shower alone. Greatest gift ever.

I couldn’t imagine not working and letting someone watch my kids. Being home with them was the greatest opportunity and I wouldn’t have traded it for any amount of money, truly priceless experience. I am actually going back to working as a floor nurse at a hospital on a Post Partum floor. So, I will be a working mom again with my parents as their “Nanny”.

Are you a SAHM? What do you do if you have someone else taking care of your children? How do you fill your day?


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