Tips for Organizing a Family Move


  1. Plan ahead if you know you will be moving and do a little packing everyday so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  2. Go through items as you pack. Will it work for you in your new place? Will you have room for it? Or even, do you use it or wear it anymore?
  3. Get boxes where you can for free. There are many different places to get boxes. One get suggestion is to call in advance and find out when they do inventory to find out what days are good to pick up. If you like small boxes go by liquor stores or grocery stores. It is always easy to ask a manager of a store you frequent while doing regular shopping.
  4. Another hidden gem to score boxes is Freecycle. It is a free group through Yahoo Groups. All you need to do is have a Yahoo Email account. Then enroll in Freecycle in your area. You will basic create a wanted ad that all the member will see. Someone will respond and you will pickup their boxes.
  5. Start saving newspaper from neighbors or ask for it as well as bubble wrap on Freecycle.
  6. Before you start packing your first box make a game plan. Are you going to tackle on room at a time or start going through things at you know you will be able to live without for X amount of months. Ask yourself this too, “If I can live without it for X months do I really need it?”
  7. Get a notebook. Any kind will do. Write in big permanent maker on front.  Something like, Our Move!”
  8. Your notebook is golden, do not lose it. You might even want to make a second copy.
  9. In your notebook create sections. You can either do this by the rooms of your new place where you will want the stuff or if you do not know what the place will be like. Create the sections of your old place. Example: Kitchen, Guest Bath, Master Bath, Ben Room, Alex Room, ect.
  10. Under each section let’s say Ben’s Room. Come up with numbers and write what is in each box. Then on the box just write the number on at least 3 sides. Get as detailed in the description as you want.

-#4 Ben’s clothes (size 4 clothing)

-#8 Ben’s shoes (shoes larger than size 8)

-#15 Toys (Stuffed animals and stuff from on top of dresser)

11. When starting on a differnt section just make sure not to reuse numbers. An easy way to make sure not to is to assign everyone or every room 100. Alex 1-99, Ben 100-199, Bath 200-299.

12. When you ready for your move if you have a person help with the notebook at the truck it can help things go smoothly. You will know exactly where your boxes need to go.


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