20 Reasons Why You Might Be Crunchy


1. If you believe in extended breastfeeding. So what if your child is using complete sentences to ask for it.

2. You believe breast milk and bone broth can cure anything.

3. You cloth diaper you kids.

4. You are contemplating family cloth and unpaper towels or have already started.

5. Coconut oil is not just used for baking, have an aliment just slather some of your stash on it.

6. You practice extended baby wearing.

7. You believe strollers are just the device to hold your stuff not you’d children.

8. You literally make your own granola and most of your family’s food from scratch.

9. You try to grow as much of your food that your property and climate allow.

10. You love a good compost pile.

11. What doesn’t go in the compost is recycled, reused, or repurposed as much as possible.

12. Your clothing and household items are mostly second hand or handmade.

13. You have a family bed and couldn’t imagine sleeping alone.

14. Vaccinations are always a touchy subject.

15. Your friends rather have a chicken pox party than a pizza party.

16. You would love to have chickens or goats but your location doesn’t allow it.

17. You rather be a stay at home mom rather than work.

18. You allow your children to play and learn from practical things.

19. You attempt to make as many household products from scratch such as (deodorant, toothpaste, detergent, and cleaning products).

20. You make and eat large amounts of fermented foods. You always have something in a mason jar.


2 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why You Might Be Crunchy

  1. Based on this list, I’m about halfway crunchy. Can I add that one of my 3-year-old son’s favorite shirts is a tie dye that he calls his dragon shirt, since he says the swirling tie dye looks like a dragon? Found your blog via your link on the Mommy Bloggers group at Circle of Moms.

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