DIY Valentine Baby Legs



Baby Alexander is celebrating his first Valentine’s Day this year. I wanted to make him something special that he could continue to use well after the holiday. I decided to make him a pair of BabyLegs or LegWarmers. His is actively crawling around and these are a great way to protect the leg and knees on you little one. What better than turn your old socks into BabyLegs. To see the tutorial continue reading.leg2


  • 1 Pair Old or New KneeHigh Adult Socks
  • Scissors
  • Needle and Thread
  • Small Piece of Fabric for 2 Hearts
  • Sewing Machine


1. First search your sock drawer for an old or new pair of knee high socks.leg3

2. Cut a straight line above the heel.leg4

3. Cut again right above the toe.leg5

4. You are left with the leg of the sock and the piece of fabric which would be the instep of the foot.leg6

5. Take the small piece of sock and fold it over so the right side is facing out and edges are lined up. Like a cuff.leg7

6. Take the small piece and place over the raw edge of the leg of the sock. Align all edges together. Then sew up using a straight stitch. When you finish sewing this line  you should be able to unfold and have a finished cuff.leg8

7. Now your BabyLeg is done. Repeat for the other leg. For Valentine’s Day I decided to add an embellishment, continue reading to see it.


8. Take fabric and lay it across the leg to see how big it needs to be.leg10

9. Next I cut out this heart with the fabric folded over so I had 2 identical ones.leg11

10. I recommend sewing with your machine with the same color thread as your fabric and then hand stitching with a contrasting color. Since you little one will be on the floor with these it will give them added durability. leg13


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