6 Construction Birthday Party Ideas


My son Benjamin has many things he is into like building, vehicles, painting, digging. I decided to put all his favorite things together for his 4th Birthday Party. Together we came up with a Construction Party. Here you will find 6 of the ideas we came up with for a fun filled party for boy and girls.

#1 Pylon Cone Sign


These cute pylon signs are super easy to make and only take a few minuets. If you would like to see the tutorial click HERE!

#2 and #3  Construction Worker Lunch Bag Favors and Birthday Cake


#2 The Lunch bag favor just take a few minuets to add a little personal touch for your guests. Take a regular brown bag and fold over top about 1 1/2 inches down. Use a single hole punch and add two holes about 2 inches apart. Then either take ribbon or yarn and cut about 6 inches and tie a bow.

#3 To decorate a construction site birthday cake start with an iced cake. It is a construction site so no need to be perfect. You could even leave some exposed cake on purpose. I went through my sons toys and found two small MegaBlock construction vehicles to go on top. I washed them very well prior to placing on top. For the dirt like material on top, I placed fudge striped chocolate cookies but you could use any chocolate cookie. I placed them in a plastic baggie and hit it with a wooden mallet. Sprinkle where ever you desire.

#4 Cardboard City


I had large cardboard boxes in my garage that I was saving to pack up things in my house. I originally got them from Freecycle. A free email subscription I get through Yahoo Mail. People post items they are giving away for free. I took construction paper and covered the boxes with different colors using tape. I was going to use electrical tape to make windows and doors but decided that would be too wasteful. I then bought Paint Dabbers. You can see them sitting in the WET PAINT bucket. Very easy for four year olds to use and do spilling paint. Although out of the 12 dappers we had 1 exploded. But the mess was super easy to clean up.

#5 Construction Vest Tutorial20140204-232322.jpg

I decided last minute to sew some construction vests for the kids to wear during the party. I plan to reuse them for dress up and for other parties as I have two boys. So I made them out of fleece but you could use felt. The tutorial can be found HERE!

#6 Cardboard Cutout


I am so glad I asked my Mother in Law to work of this adorable construction vehicle cutout. During a visit with them I sent her home with a cardboard box, construction paper, and a picture of the vehicle. The kids looked adorable in the pictures. Here is Benjamin being silly. The kids were totally not into this but I told them in order to get their favor bags they needed to take a picture. Worked like a charm and got some very cute photos.


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