DIY Construction Vest Tutorial


When coming up with ideas for my son’s fourth birthday, I decided to go with a construction theme. What better than construction vests to help with their imaginary play. I was unsure how many kids were going to attend but planned on making 10 and figured they could share.

The number I decided to make was great only 10 kids showed up and some on the kids were just not into dressing up. This could easily be made for a girls party with pink and purple and even pink construction hats.


  • Yellow fleece or felt 3 yards (to make 10)
  • Orange 1 yard
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Marker
  • Matching Thread
  • Paper and Pen- for template

1. First decide what size vest you would like to make and how many. I used a small (4/5) boys shirt and folded it in half and traced it onto 2 pieces of paper that I taped together. Here is it cut out.  construct2


2. Now that your template is created, use you fabric marker and traced the desired about out on your fabric. You will need 3 pieces per vest. Trace one side – lets say Left front. Flip the template to get the reverse side – Right front, unless your fabric looks the same on both sides. Then for the third piece trace one side of the back piece and then flip the template and continue tracing the opposite side – Back piece.construct3

3. Cut out all pieces.

4. Begin sewing. Place fabric like sides together. Sew across the top were shoulders will be. Stop. Then sew down both sides. Done with body of vest.construct5

5. Cut strips of fabric with a contrasting color. I did orange fleece. I cut my strips 1 1/2 inches but make them as large as you like.


6. Now arrange for placement and decide what you want it to look like finished.construct6

7. Sew strips on. I used guides on my machine to follow to kind of stay straight.construct8

8. Now hang up low enough that kids can reach to put on to play.20140204-232322.jpg


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