Disney with Allergies



The last few days I have been MIA. Our family decided to take a last minute trip to visit Disney. Every thing just fell into to place, at the right time. My just turned four year old had never been there before and we haven’t been ourselves in years. So, we decided to take advantage of the Florida Resident 3 days discount rate.

As I said before, we haven’t never been there in years and now we have have new food allergies. My husband is allergic to the following (pork, tomatoes, cantaloupe, almonds, clams, eggs) think that is it. My son Alexander who is still breastfeeding is allergic to dairy, soy, and sensitive to canola oil.

With all these new found allergies we didn’t know what we could possibly eat on our vacation. We packed foods for our hotel and to throw into our pack that we would carry into the parks.


-Coconut Milk

-Cascadian Farm cereal

-Coffee (hotel had a coffee pot)-but it only took pods




-Peanut butter






Totally didn’t plan!

We packed miscellaneous other snacks for through out the day too. Including 6 liters of water. The parks security didn’t give us any problems with bringing in food. But if you do have issues, I am sure you could say, I have X, Y, and Z allergies and it would be fine.

The first night I was totally starving and ate kale chips, peanut butter and broccoli back at the hotel. Then I started to ask questions everywhere I went. At every snack stand you can ask to see their ingredient list. Or even better, go into a restaurant and tell them you have allergies. I was handed a special menu. It was broken down into gluten free, soy free, dairy free, nut free, ect. They called out the manager who was super awesome. He asked if there was anything in both the dairy and soy free section and he was over see it. Then he said not take food unless it is handed to me on a green tray. While waiting for the food. They handed my husband 2 Disney straws for the kids.

This made me feel awesome! I knew we were safe to eat at the Disney Parks. So if you have food allergies feel confident in taking your next Disney vacation.



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