Nature Box Review


During this previous holiday season I was able to take advantage of Nature Box’s Black Friday promotion.  Nature Box is a company that ships monthly healthy snacks to you door. I was able to experience what they have to offer for an incredible low price of $1.97. Normally their boxes start at $19.95 and they always include free shipping. Their customer is very friendly and easy to work with. No problems putting your account on pause or canceling.  I actually only received my one box that that awesome price and then canceled. Had no problems with canceling your subscription. My family currently has many, many allergies and we were just too limited with our selection we could receive.

Go to Nature Box and check out what they can offer you for 10$ off your first box.

1. Pick your size (# of snacks).

  • 5
  • 10
  • 20

2. Choose or snacks or have surprises.

3. Once a month have snack delivered to your door.

This is what we received!


Our 5 Snacks

1. Acai Berry Crunch Granola

2. Dark Cocoa Almonds (My Son’s Favorite!)

3. Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas

4. Praline Pumpkin Seeds (My Favorite!)

5. Bran Dippin Sticks (My Husbands Favorite)

* I paid for the items myself and was no way compensated for this review. Opinions were honest and my own.


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