DIY: T-Shirt Yarn



I am always searching for ways I can repurpose and reuse what I have or things I find second hand. Recently I found the idea that fabric from clothing can be reused and turned into t-yarn.  You can turn T-Shirts, dresses, or even pants into yarn to repurpose. There is a lot of tutorials of how to turn T-Shirts into yarn but it really doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it is knit (like a Jersey Knit). Commonly used for T-Shirts due to the stretchiness. Other important factor is that it is tubular. Here is my tutorial on how to transform knit sleep pants into yarn.

1. Go through you closet and pull out clothing you no longer wear or no longer in great condition. (I picked magenta sleep pants).


2. Try and spread out and remove wrinkles one pant leg or shirt.

3. Cut pant leg or shirt straight across at the bottom of the arm stitching and remove bottom cuff or trim stitching. You should be left with a large tubular rectangular shape.image

4. Fold fabric in half length wise. The fold should be at the top and opening facing you.image

5. Cut fabric from the bottom in about 1/2 inch strips. Leave about a 1/2 at the top. Don’t cut through or you will not be left with a continuous piece at the end.image

6. Unfold and it should look like this. Fabric intact at the top and the bottom. image

7. Start with either the bottom or top.  image

8. Lay out and start to cut from the top of the first strip to the top of the second strip. Continue doing this 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to the 4th ect. at the top cut to to make an end and then go back to the bottom to do the same thing. Then flip and do the other side.


9. Now that you finished cutting. You should have a big pile of continuous fabric.image

10. Ok so to make the yarn you must to a lot of pulling. I have found the best way to place the fabric on the ground and stand on the strand yanking to make the tubular shape. image

11. As you pull and release from your feet you can begin winding so you can have you fabric yarn ready to use for your next project.



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