Sew Elephant Pillow




Lately I have been looking at a pile of quilting scraps and thinking, “Wow, I should really do something with these.” With a few minutes to myself during a spontaneous simultaneous children napping session, I came up with this cute elephant pillow for my little one. If you would like to make one this is what you need.


  • Paper & Pen to draw pattern.
  • Quilting scrap for fabric approximately 2 pieces the size of your paper.
  • Scissor
  • Stuffing
  • Button for eye (best if large button much bigger than child’s airway).




1. Roughing Draw Elephant shape on paper.

2. Cut out elephant and use for template.

3. Place template over fabric and roughly draw out elephant.



4. Cut out elephant shape.



5. Repeat the last two steps but flip your template to get the reverse image. Now you should have a back and front image. Decide which direction you want your elephant. Mine is facing the right.

6. Cut out two more pieces. One for an ear and the other for a tusk. I did this free hand.

7. Arrange and decide placement.



8. Using a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine I sewed down both the ear and the tusk.



9. Next start to sew the two pieces (back and front together).  Right sides should both be facing out so backs together.



10. Decide where on the elephant you want to stuff. I stopped twice to insert filler. Less is more.



11. Finial step hand sew on the eye. Mine is bigger than a quarter.



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