Gift Card Rescue Review

gift card rescue

Have you heard about Gift Card Rescue? They were featured on Shark Tank back in 2009. Well it is a pretty cool company that buys and sells gift card over $20.00. Do you have gift cards sitting around from the holidays that you will never use? With Gift Card Rescue you do have to have that feel like, “Wow, I would never buy anything in that store.” You can go check out their website and sell them your credit. They only buy back plastic card credit, sorry no paper credit. Depending on what company and I assume how many of them they already have, you get a percentage of the value of the card. It is easy to go punch in the company name and how much value you have left on your card. They will instantly tell you, what they will give you for it. You are able to get up to 92% of the of the total value of them card. You can also buy other peoples cards that have been sold for a discount as well, such as I-Tunes, Visa, and Barnes & Noble and saving as much as 30%. Shipping is also always free. Go check them out.

*I was sent  compensation for this review by GiftCardRescue. The opinions expressed are honest and my own.


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