Wool Soaker Pattern & Tutorial



Have you tried wool on your little ones yet? A wool cover or soaker is both a great option for day or night time diapering. Wool is great to use over prefolds or a fitted diaper. They are very breathable and are also reusable through many diaper changes if not solid with poop. I followed Katrina’s fleece cover pattern and directions but for my upcycled wool soaker. Here is what I did.

(Picture of the front of my wool soakers.)


Here are the links to Katrina’s blog to get the patterns.

Katrina’s Pattern Here!

Katrina’s Wet-zone Pattern Here!


1. Print out the Katrina Pattern and Wet-zone Pattern. Best to use a card stock if making a couple the same size.

2. Tape together Pattern.

3.  Lay Pattern on wool sweater and arrange to use the most out of your sweater. I was able to get two medium soakers including the additional wet-zones and still have extra sweater left over including the unused sleeves.

4. I traced mine out with a maker but chalk would work too. Cut out all 4 pieces plus the wet-zone. I like to use the bottum of the sweater for the waist piece and the leg pieces. Mine was ribbed.

5. I zig zag stitched my wet-zone piece first onto the body piece. Make sure you sew it to the side you want on the inside of the diaper.

6. All my stitches were 1/2 inch and zig zag. Take the body piece right sides together and sew up what would be the sides. Then sew the pieces for the wasit. Fold it in half, right sides together and stitch. Followed by both the leg bands individually. Fold in half right sides together and stitch.

7. Basically turn everything the right way. Detailed info on how to turn if needed. Fold down the waistband and leg cuffs with wrong sides together so that the raw edges of the seam are hidden. Then turn the diaper body right side out.


8. Then put the waistband on top of the diaper with all raw edges together. It is worth the extra effort of using pins to hold in place and have seem  of the waistband in the middle of the back. Sew the waistband to the diapers body.


9. Last sewing step is to sew on both the leg pieces. This was my step with the most difficulty. I sewed numerous soaker/covers and if I wasn’t paying really good attention I had to remove the leg pieces and resew them. Leg pieces are the sewn the same way as the waistband. Have the diaper body with the right side out and take the folded leg cuff with raw edges facing away from the diaper. Sew down and do it slowly or with pins to ensure you cetch all edges going around. After sewing cuff on one side sew the other


10. Then I embellished the back. I drew out what I wanted the picture to look like and how big. Then I just took my extra wool scraps and cut them out using my picture as a stencil. I actually made two wool owls. I was going to make a matching shirt but never did. Hmmm what should I make with it? I hand sewed the back designs in place.

11. Last step is to Lanolize your wool before using. This step makes the wool waterproof.


Picture of the wool soaker in action.



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