DIY Wool Dryer Balls


I have recently decided to clear out unnecessary items in my closet and my house. I was completely ready to donate many large bags of clothing but then thought twice about this sweater. Maybe you have something laying around that you can upcycle or repurpose.



We cloth diaper, use cloth wipes and hang most of our diapers to dry. The next step in saving with cloth diapers or with laundry in general is wool dryer balls. Wool is extremely absorbent and helps absorb extra moisture helping your laundry dry faster and therefore save you money in the process. Make your own wool dryer ball and start saving now.


  • Wool Sweater (Mine was actually wool and angora)
  • Scissors
  • Panty Hose


1. First step is to cut up a sweater into its main components. I cut mine into (turtle neck, two arms, the front, and the back.



2. Next cut into strips. I didn’t cut my exact but were all about 1/2” to 1” wide.



3. This is what you should end up with. I only used the front and back panel. Leaving the turtle neck and arms for another project.




4. Now start making your balls. Take a shorter piece and wrap around very tightly in a ball. Here is what it will look like.



5. Don’t let go. Take another strip and continue to wrap around beginning by intersecting the pieces. By intersecting the pieces you are securing your previous work. Continue until you feel your ball is large enough. I believe I used about 10 strips each. They will shrink in the wash. Here is what a finished wrapped ball will look like. Secure the last piece by pushing in with a pen or even a crochet needle.



6. Mine measure 10” prior to washing.



7. Place your finished wrapped balls into the leg of panty hose. I used a pair of tights actually. They would be better as they are much stronger. Place in with laundry. I washed/dried mine for 3 loads and they looked pretty felted my then. As soon as they felt they should be ready to be used in your dryer.






Here are my final 4 balls I was able to make.



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