Foam Sticker Activity Board


Do you happen to have a bag of those foam stickers let over from a birthday party of just sitting around from the clearance bin? Well here is a easy craft you can do with the kids and use up those foam sitckers.


Cardboard box


Paint brush

Foam Stickers

Optional Glitter

Permanent Marker


1. Cut cardboard box up. One side should be suffient mine was about 18”x18” you could do smaller or larger.

2. Depending on what foam creatures you have you might want to do a farm, space, or even jungle theme painting. Count out 10, 9, 8, ect. for one number representing each animal. You can have your child help.

3. Take one side of the cardboard and write 1. starfish, 2. seahorse, 3. shark, according to what you counted out with your child using a permanent marker.

4. Now have your child paint a simple scene on the opposit side. Two colors one for sky one for grass or water and sand like we did. If doing under the sea you could add glitter to the sand. Just add on top of paint. It will dry on, no need for glue.

5. While child is painting take permanent marker and write of the foam stickers. Write a 1 represnting the 1 animal, and a 2 on the 2 animals.

6. Allow painting to dry. Maybe read a few short stories about the theme you choose to paint with your child.

7. Now take the foam sticker and peel the stickers off the back and place them on your scene randomly.

8. Now that your craft activity is complete. Look at th number and have you child search the the apporpriate number or animal representing each number or animal category.

Here is what your back should look like.

fish pic1

Here is what the other side will look like.



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