Baby Led Weaning: We Stopped Purees

We started baby led weaning due to a mistake this mommy made. Yes, I am no way perfect. We did the typical homemade purees with our first son and had absolutely no problems. I don’t feel we forced fed him at all. He would turn his face or not open his mouth and the meal was over. We stopped breast-feeding at 2 and a half years so he was getting plenty of nutrients from me still.

With baby Alex it is a completely different story. Alex already has a long growing list of food he cannot eat. Right now he cannot eat Dairy, Soy, and Canola Oil. It doesn’t seem long but it means almost no store bought anything. I have to be very careful and read every label for food I am ingesting and food Alex might ingest as well. We have also stopped eating out because it is next to impossible to not eat soy while dining out.

Now for the big mistake. I bought a pack of a major brand of baby food, yes a puree. Although I was making my own. Sometimes it is nice to just buy a few because life get busy. Well for some reason I didn’t read the jar. It was oatmeal and apples. He had apples because so it was just oatmeal new. Well no I didn’t fully read the label and it had dairy in it. I didn’t realize that until the next day. I thought we had a reaction to the oatmeal. What a reaction! He had projectile vomiting every 10-15 minuets for 6 hours. So not fun. It was extra not fun because I gave him the evil puree at 6pm so he was so irritable and tired and just wanted to sleep. I put him in a washable baby carrier and walked with him for about an hour. He vomited all over me numerous time but feel asleep and was vomiting in his sleep. It was scary worried he would aspirate or choke on his vomit or dehydration. So I put a call into the doctor to find out the parameters of what I should do as I am breast feeding. This is what I was told.

  • Continue breast-feeding
  • (If he gets worse than he is now start block-feeding for 4 hours)
  • Nurse for 5 minute interval every 30 minuets only if he is awake.
  • (If he doesn’t improve stop breast-feeding.)
  • Give Pedialytes 1-2 Tables an hour for 4 hours.
  • If he stops wetting diapers in a course of 8 hours bring him to the ER.

What is BABY LED WEANING? Well it isn’t necessarily weaning it is more baby self feeding. It is a fairly new phenomena where you no longer do purees. That’s right no more blending homemade baby food or buying jared baby food. You are just supposed to give small bite sized foods and let them feed themselves. Here is wear you can find some more info. INFO!


photo 1


Here is what you need:

  1. highchair with a tray
  2. naked baby or bib
  3. what you made for dinner


Place happy nursed baby in a highchair. Either remove clothing or place a bib. Put small soft bite sized food on babies tray and sit with them while them attempt to eat. Do not walk away. As small food can lead to choking and you might have to assist.

Indicators baby is ready:

  • Baby should be able to sit up on their own.
  • Between the age of 6-8 months is a good general time when to start.
  • Baby should be interested in what your eating and attempting to grab your food.


photo 2

Here are some foods good to start with.

  • Avocado
  • Pear
  • Bananas
  • Sweet potatoe

3 thoughts on “Baby Led Weaning: We Stopped Purees

  1. We did blw with my daughter because she refused to eat purees like my son did. I was absolutely terrified of her choking, but she loved it and it was so easy! If we ever have another kid, we won’t even bother with purees.

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