DIY Fabric Ball

A while back I made the decision to sew some fabric balls. It seemed as though my house was filled with plastic balls of all shapes and sizes from friends and family. I wanted a fabric ball to be able to use scrap fabric and have a infant/toddler safe ball with my new baby on his way.

While searching Pinterest I found The Purl Bee by Purl Soho. She had a post called Fabric Beach Balls. They were absolutely adorable and just what I was looking for. Here is a photo of my 3 finished balls.


After discovering the pattern, this is what I did.

  1. Printed pattern.
  2. Cut out oblong shape.
  3. Placed shape on my fabric to make sure I would have enough.
  4. Cut out fabric, including circles for ends. (This is the reason I used this pattern. It hides your sewing at point.)
  5. Plan out what ball will look like.
  6. Begin sewing 2 pieces together, with right sides facing each other. Repeat until all finish.
  7. Then sew your set of 2 together, repeat.
  8. All pieces sewn together but leave an opening large enough to turn inside out.
  9. Ok so now turn inside out.
  10. Stuff with filler, whatever you like. I used what I had. ( I rather use what I have then ever run out to the store.)
  11. Sew up opening by machine or by hand. I sewed by machine since you are covering with a circular fabric piece.
  12. Now to finish hand sew the circular fabric piece over where all points come together on the top and bottom.
  13. Done!

I used scrap fabric left over from a quilt. It is one of my favorite things to do, reuse fabric that has no purpose and make something for my kids. If you would like to make these scrap fabric ball to here is the link to Purl’s page where I got my pattern. HERE!


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