Christmas Eve Tradition

What are your Christmas Eve Traditions?

My family tries to get everyone together every year for Christmas but it doesn’t always happen with everyone living in different places. My husband and two boys and myself live in South Florida. My in-laws live in Indiana but have a summer place in Naples, FL and are usually local during the holiday season. My Sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephew live in Indiana and don’t usually come down. For the past two years they have totally surprised us with a very welcoming visit. Having the family together at this time of year really brings the spirit of family and helps us remember the importance sharing and giving.

Money has been tight for everyone and as a family we decided it was better to be together than receive gifts this year. We did do gifts for the children but tried not spend money on each other. My husband and I are the exceptions. We had a canvas photograph of my two boys together for my mother-in-law and bought a little golf electronic game for my father-in-law. Like I said, we tried not to spend much but purchased things would enjoy.

This year I discovered a new tradition!


See the green felt bag in the picture “Merry Christmas.” Here is a closer look.


A little birdie told me what was inside. Well my mother-in-law decided she would hide all of our Christmas Stocking inside this bag and fill them will small stocking stuffers. Even though we said not to do gifts for the adults, she couldn’t help herself and has a stocking for everyone with some small things inside.

My husband and I decided to start a new tradition as well. We will purchase or rent a new family movie for everyone to enjoy and have popcorn and really enjoy one another company sugaring with one another.

Tune in tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday to see what was inside the green “Merry Christmas” bag.


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