Create Your Own Monster Review


My 3 year old was so excited to open up the Create Your Own Monster gift set. I was super excited too, this is what is inside.

  • The set features 15 card monsters designed by various artists and 3 without illustration.
  • The all white monsters allow you to get creative with your own imagination and how you would decorate them.
  • The box nicely opens and is sturdy allowing you to preserve your monsters before creation.
  • There are also envelopes included so you can share them with others.

They are easy to punch out, my 3 year did it with only a little difficulty.  We put together the red monster found on the box and the purple screaming monster. Both are pictured below. They are very cute and playful and are constructed with a durable cardboard material. If placed on shelf they should have no problem lasting. Benjamin wanted to place one in his room and the other, he wanted in my bedroom. They are really designed to be for all ages but younger than four years they might not really appreciate them. I hope to incorporate these fantastic creates into a monster birthday party theme. The monsters would also make a great gift for someone that loves playful design for a birthday or as a Halloween gift or decoration. If you like these you can also check out the The Create Your Own Robot.

Create Your Own Monster_Box_7

BUY IT! Create Your Own Monster is available on for $17.96

*I received this gift set for free to review. The opinions expressed are honest and provided without monetary compensation.


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