DIY Bean Bags


My older son Benjamin recently received a gift from a family friend, a miniature bean bag game set. He loved it so much I decided to sew him a regular size set and a set for my younger son for his first birthday. So here is a tutorial how you can sew your own.


Pick out fabric and cut the width twice as long as the length. I choose to make mine 5 x 10.

Then cut ribbon 3 to 5 inches depending on how large bean bags final dimensions. I cut mine 3 inches.


Next fold fabric in half with right sides together. Place ribbon sandwiched in the middle folded in half with opening outside the fabric. Either hold in place or pin.



Sew around and leave about an inch opening to turn inside out.image


Pull fabric through the opening. Then push out the points with something blunt. I used a retractable pen.

Then fill with filling of your choice. I went with white rice since we had a bunch on hand. Previously I used black beans. I believe any dry grain or bean would  work great.

Now the final step is to top stitch. I just sew the one side.


Here is the version I made for my older child without the tags.



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