What’s in your diaper bag?

I keeping seeing posts all over the internet especially by first time moms, “what should I pack in my diaper bag?” I don’t really have the perfect answer but I can tell you what is in mine.


First, here is a picture of my diaper bag open. Note I have plenty of room to add on. These are just the items that are typically stocked so I am ready to go.


Here is a photo of the items taken out.


The List

  1. Tumi Diaper Bag with changing insert- Bought this bag second hand at a consignment shop. Love this messenger bag just wish it wasn’t ripping at the seams.
  2. 2 infant prefolds- I can use these as extra diaper inserts, burp cloths, a giant drool pad for my chest when wearing baby in carrier, extra absorption for changing diapers, or even to clean my 3 year old when he spills a drink in my car.
  3. 2 covers ( here I have BG Flip and Blueberry).
  4. 2 medium BG bamboo fitteds.
  5. Planetwise small waterproof bag and medium size wet bag. Great to hold wipes, wet diapers and dirty clothes or swim suit.
  6. 12 reusable wipes. Sewn by me. I just wet with tap water at sink before changing.
  7. A teething necklace. Great to distract baby During diaper change.
  8. A bib hand sewn my me.
  9. At least one change of clothes for baby.
  10. Soft rattle from the Land of Nod.
  11. Sofie teether. I attached a sippy cup hold to the teether so it never hits the ground.
  12. Taggies wrist rattle.
  13. Organic yummy snacks me and my toddler (2 bars, fruit strip, and a chocolate milk).
  14. Wallet and little pouch for coupons.
  15. I also like to have a muslin blanket because they are small, lightweight, great for covering car seat, wrapping baby if cold, or wet. Even could be used as an emergency diaper.
  16. I usually add a reusable bottle filled with water or tea for me and one for my toddler.
  17. We need to start carrying some teething tablets as a tooth should be popping through soon.

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