Snow: Making Play Snow

Play Snow

Now that is is December it is time for some winter fun. My son Benjamin keeps asking to see snow. I keep telling him it isn’t going to happen in South Florida so together with my friend Huppie Mama we allowed our kids together doing 3 winter crafts.

  1. Play Snow
  2. Play Dough
  3. Painting Snow

Make Play Snow


  • Shaving Cream
  • Cornstarch


In a large bowl, combine equal parts shaving cream and cornstarch. Use your hands to mix well, as if you are making biscuit dough. The more you blend the two together, the finer your snow will be. It was really fun for the kids to mix it up with their hands and try to form balls afterwards.


Thank you Huppie Mama for working with us and Growing A Jeweled Rose for the great ideas.


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