How I Started to Use Cloth

Cloth Diaper

When my son Ben was born I really didn’t think about cloth diapering. I had only one friend  four years ago, that cloth diapered, and she mostly used Bum Genius Cloth Diapers. She made it look really easy. One day her pushing worked and I decided to purchased some used cloth on Ebay. Wow, not the greatest idea. I purchased 12 used gender neutral Bum Genius Diapers. They are considered a hybrid as there is a cover and a stuff-able pocket where you can put the microfiber insert. I loath microfiber and Velcro. Microfiber is super absorbent, but because it is super absorbent it holds on to urine stink. As for Velcro a magical material, it makes closing diapers on newborns and very restless babies, so much easier. It also pills your diapers making them look bad and eventually you must convert them to snaps as they become, not usable. See my post on converting your cloth to snaps. HERE! 

A few months in to cloth diapering I won a few brands through mommy blogger giveaways on Facebook. It was awesome to be able to be more aware of what is out there. Slowly I built up my stash. I was given diapers from friends. Most of which I had to do some major repairs (adding snaps, replacing elastic, and adding gussets even. I purchased some but not too many new. I even borrowed some to try out and then returned after a few times. I have experience with the following brands.


My favorite style is a sized fitted with a cover. Or a very trim diaper that come in small. medium, and large instead on one size or 8-35lb. I get angry when clothes don’t fit over giant fluff butt. Although, even right now we have no pants on. Just shirt, diaper, and a pair of leggings. Most of the clothing I find best for cloth diaper wearing is anything stretchy like leggings or cotton pants.

It took maybe 5 months of using cloth before it really hit me to use cloth wipes. There are so many brands of wipes too. I have almost all ones I sewed myself. I even have wipes for wiping their little noses. Cloth diaper really isn’t that hard it is just a commitment you decide to make for your family.

*Feel free to ask me any questions.


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