Cloth Diaper Wash Routine


I have a Whirlpool Cabrio Washer and Dryer. They are top loaders but are He machines and act like a front loader. I always see moms posting questions about wash routines so here is mine.

  1. Wait until pail is full 2-3 days.
  2. Put all diapers and wipes directly into the machine. Make sure to separate any inserts and close velcro tabs.
  3. Set machine to rinse and spin cycle.
  4. When cycle is complete add 2 scoops of Rockin Green Detergent to dispenser drawer.
  5. Set machine to normal, hot, extra heavy, high spin, presoak, and extra rinse.
  6. When cycle finished put All in Ones in the dryer with all wipes and inserts. All covers must be lined dry.
  7. Set dryer to normal cycle 40 min and done.

I actually have this posted on the inside of my laundry room cabinet. I was asked many times to write out the directions but I have been the only one to ever was a diaper in our 3 years of using cloth.



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