Upcycled Quilt: Baby Bumper Transformed


A while ago when visiting my sister-in-law she gave me some hand me downs from my nephew who is now 12. one of the things I received was a crib skirt and matching bumper. As a cosleeping family we really don’t have a need for either but I knew I could do something with it. I thought the animals were just too cute. They were purchased from The Land of Nod.


First, I took a seem ripper and removed all of the binding from around the bumper.


Then, I took fabric blade and a healing cutting board and cut the animal sections into individual squares. I didn’t cut an exact anything just to separate them.


Then I measured and decided a 9×9 square would work best. Any size would be fine. The larger the squares the faster the project. Cut and pressed and devided into two piles.


At this point you might want to lay out the squares and decide how to arrange them.


Before sewing starts make sure to press. My son trampled through my squares a few time and used them as frisbees. Each square should be a front and a back piece (2 pieces.) Start with a row. Take your first two squares (4pieces) and sew right sides together. I used the width of my foot as my guide or 1/2 inch. Sew two pieces together adding each piece on the same way. The front should look clean and make sure prints are all in the same direction before sewing. Doing this you are sewing your front and the back at the same time.

Front should look like this.


Back should look like this.


Once the rows are finished time to sew the rows together. This is when I get my pins. I hate using pins they are more time consuming but end results are much better. Take two rows and face them right sides together. Line them up at the seems you just sewed. Take the tabs and make a little sandwich and take a pin through the seem. This will keep your seems straight.


Then start at the top and sew down joining the two together. Pull pins out before you get to them. Sewing over them could possible break your needle and your machine. Now repeat with the next two rows. Then line up the 2 pin and sew again. All pieces should be joined together. If you need you can take your quilt and ruler and cut off any off areas.

Now time for binding if you choose. Or you could leave the edge frayed but you need to sew around the edge to secure. Take binding and start not on an edge. Go all the way around. I sew by machine on front and then by hand on the back.


Take scissors and fray back edges clipping every 1/4 inch or so. Do not cut any seems. Then wash. If using a home machine be careful. All the thread that come loose might hurt your machine. Use caution.



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