Traveling to Indiana

My family went to visit my husbands family in Indiana when baby Alexander was 12 weeks old. The trip normally takes 17 hours by car. But with two kids it took, much longer. We decided to leave at 4am. I drove the first stretch and it turned out great. Alexander slept from 4-8am and then we stopped to nurse, use the rest room, and stretch our legs. We stopped about an hour then back on the road. Then we had to stop every 2-3 hours after that. Finally at 9:30 p.m. that evening the sky was still blue in Tennessee and we stopped at a hotel. (Future note to travelers- Tennessee is on Central Time). So if you are staying in Tennessee the next day you are fine, otherwise check the time where you plan on stopping next. Honestly traveling with a small infant wasn’t that bad. I kept telling myself the trip will take as long as it takes. Baby Alexander although not a great sleeper, slept amazing in the car.

(Husband with our two kids.)

We luckily figured out that Kentucky would be in a different time zone than Tennessee and set our alarm to wake us up an hour earlier. Otherwise we would have missed our tour time. We made a quick decision to change our plans and stopped in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky to go spelunking or what they call exploring caves. So my husband and I took our two kids (3 years and 12 weeks) down under ground. I have to say I was a little frightened and was about not to go but a very nice ranger convinced me I would have no problems with the baby. So I threw on my trusty Ergobaby carrier and down we went. I had to nurse Alex in the middle of the cave. So I don’t know if that earned me some special mommy award for nursing in a cave under ground. After nursing my husband and I switched off carrying the baby while I looked after our three year old. When done with our hike we sat on the grass and had some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we made the night before we left. Then we finished the last stretch of our trip landing us in Bloomington, Indiana by 2pm. Honestly I don’t know how some moms deal with having more than one child with out a baby carrier. My soft structure carrier has been a lifesaver and allows my to be handsfree when hiking or even just going to a local park.


While in Indiana we didn’t do too much other than spend time with our family. It was a wonderful trip that we were blessed to be able to take. The trip home was stop and go just like the trip up except we didn’t make any extra stops so we could pushed all the way to Orlando and spent the night at a friends house. Then the next morning got up early and by noon we were back at home and resting from our long adventure.


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