Turkey Plate Craft

Here is another craft my 3 year old did with me this week. I wanted to come up with something based on items I had around the house.  I came up with a Thanksgiving Turkey Plate that can be hung on a wall or actually used as a festive plate.

Turkey Plate

Items Needed:

  • Colored Paper
  • Scissor
  • Crayon
  • Paper Plate
  • Stapler
  • Glue Stick

I grabbed all the different craft paper we had. First thing I did to keep the peace while doing the craft, was cut the paper in half and I gave my three year old half the paper to color and cut. I would have had him do more but he hasn’t mastered cutting yet.


Then together we traced his left hand. Either hand could be traced. I then took the traced hand and cut it out. Then I used the hand as a template and traced the shaped on each piece until all colors were done. Then cut out the rest of the hand prints.


I went through each different color hand with Benjamin and ask what color and what kind of things are those colors. Then I used the crayon to write the color. Once we went through all the hands I stapled the hands to the back of the plate. Glue could be used but I was going for speed.


Then I cut out 2 little turkey feet. Easier to get the same shape if the paper is folded over. Once again I stapled it down. After the feet are on, I moved to the head shape and gizzard. I stapled them together to the plate. Then I cut the beak and eye and glued them down to the head. Finally I added a dot for the eye and eye lashes. After we finished together Benjamin decided to color it and hang it up in his room. Hope you enjoy making a turkey plate with your little one.



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