Play Table Makeover

A friend of mine was getting rid of a children’s play table and I decided it would be perfect for my son, Benjamin. The table was originally purchased from IKEA. It is call LATT and is available for $19.99 with a table and two chairs included.

table makover

When I received the table it was well loved, see picture below.


I had paint, ink, stickers, all the usual. I decided to do a transformation. I honestly thought about just cleaning it up at first. So I started by cleaning it and removing stickers. I used a razor blade and the stickers came up easily. Then I tried to scrub with just soap and water, but it wasn’t enough. I used eco bleach which has peroxide to clean and that did the trick. So there I was with a clean table and chairs.


Now what to do? I finally decided on Mod Podge. I was able to pick up a bottle at a local craft store and while there I found some scrap book paper that was on clearance. I cut the paper up and arrange it on both the table and chairs.



Next I took a paint brush and basiclly painted the paper to the table and chairs with the Mod Podge. I applied about 4 coats with allowing at least an hour in-between to dry. Below is a final picture of my table make over. I just love that we were able to make it over own. My son uses his table all the time and brings his toys over and has his own work space.



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