Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving is approaching fast and I wanted to come up with a craft that can be easily be done with supplies you might have at home. This is what a came up with, a toilet paper turkey.

Toilet paper roll (empty roll) at least 1
Paint (at least 2 colors)
Paper plate (2)
Small Pumpkin or sponge cut into a circle
Buttons or goggly eyes

First take a toilet paper roll and cut a quarter of the way through and continue cutting around the roll every 1/2 inch. Bend out the cut pieces. It should look like this.


Next cut two tabs off. Cut the first one in half on a diagonal. These two pieces will act as the feet later. Then use the second tab and cut a “V”. This will be used for the beak.

Place a good amount of paint on a paper plate. Depress the toilet paper roll into the paint.


Now let you child go crazy using the toilet paper roll as a stamp.


Next get a different color paint. Then put a good amount on your second plate. Now have you child take a small pumpkin smaller than palm of hand and drip it in the paint. Depress it in the middle of the first design stamped.


Now you are done with the paint go back and finish your turkey. 2 buttons for eyes, add feet and a beak, every thing will stay in place when the paint dries no need for glue. Here is what your turkey will look like.



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