Playmobile Fun Park

So, everyone in South Florida kept asking me if I have been to Playmobile Fun Park Finally my family decided to take a day trip up to West Palm Beach to visit the so called Fun Park. Driving up the building was cute designed like a Playmobile castle. At the entrance I notice something a bit strange lots of potted plants outside. Not that potted plants are strange, there was just something about them and that fact that they were outside a kids play place.

Upon entering I noticed table and chairs and a vending machine. This would be great if you are planning to stay awhile and could take a break and give your kids a snack. The Fun Park is only a 1$ per person to enter and they allow you to stay as long as you like. While paying I glanced to the right and noticed those same pots from outside. We’ll it seems that the pots are manufactured in Germany by the Playmobile Company. They have a water reservoir and once filled they self water themselves. This is something very peculiar yet fascinating that they would even think to put these pots in a kids play place.

The Play room is set up with different stations. Most are individual tables and one theme on it. They had Playmobile toys both designed for boys are well as girls although my son just plays with what makes him happy. They have dinosaur, farms, pirates, house, castle, automobiles, and secret agents just to name a few.




There was a birthday party during our visit but the place is large enough that it didn’t seem crowded. We stayed about an hour and and a half in the play area. Then we walked through there toy section. It is set up like a regular store and prices for the most part were the same as a big retailer. We ended up buying a smaller figure for 3$ and my son was happy. Overall I liked the place it was great to be out of Florida heat and it was very inexpensive. My only complaint is that it took about an hour to get there and we stayed a short while so I don’t know if we will return that often. If we lived closer I would definitely go more often and recommend it to anyone in the West Palm area.


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