Convert Bum Genius Cloth Diaper to Snaps Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to convert your Bum Genesis cloth diaper from hook and loop or from velcro to snaps.

BG Conversion

First gather all your supplies, (ruler, marker, snap press either tabletop or hand press, snaps, awl, seam ripper, paper and of course a diaper). Snaps, snap press or hand pliers, awl can all be purchased at Kam Snaps. Before you begin, take a piece of paper preferably card stock and cut a strip a little larger than the length and width of the velcro. Use the ruler and maker and make 10 dots, 1 inch from each other going across. Then at the end make a dot 1 inch down then repeat going across. This strip acts as you guide. Take the awl or pointy stick going through every dot, 20 dots total. See picture below with blue strip.


Now it is time to remove your velcro. Start by cutting the tabs straight just outside the wing. Warning! Do not cut your diaper.


Slowly take your seam ripper and remove the stitches on both wing.


Then continue onto the large front panel. Do not try and go too fast or you could easily go through PUL.


Now take the blue strip and fabric or washable marker and make you dots for snap placement. Try and center in the middle.


This is what it looks like.


Now put your hand inside the pocket and take your awl and go through fabric for ever dot. Repeat for ever dot. Be careful not to stab your hand or go through on opposit side.


Take snap caps through the pocket and push through the 20 holes you just made. The little spikes should point through.


Now take your snap press and press 20 sockets the female parts to the caps. Make sure the cap and socket is lined up and squeeze or press down until rubber bulges on press. Better if working with a press if you are above it for better leverage.


Continue onto the 2 wings. Once again take strip and align and use marker to make 2 holes on each wing. Then take awl to go through the wing. Take cap and press through fabric and then if using a press switch out part to apply studs. Then press all 4 studs in place.


The picture above shows what a wing will look like. Make sure you are paying attention. The stud faces inside will the cap will be on the outside of the diaper. Here is a finishes diaper.



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