Do you Nose Frida?

After my second child Alexander was born I noticed he had so much nasal congestion. Much more than I had experienced with my first child. I was using a bulb syring constantly. His congestion would get much worse when laying flat which made sleeping at night very difficult. I would suck him before bath, after bath, before he fell asleep and then 2-3 times through the night as he would wake up with congestion in his nasal passages and would cry until I was able to clear it.

The problem with bulb syrings:


Then I heard about a product called Nose Frida. I went to a local baby store and purchased a New type of nasal aspirator. Right away I was happy using the product. You can easily take out of the package and start using it . Inside your packaging you will receive 4 filters and 1 tube with a mouth piece and a storage chamber. One of the filters is already in the chamber. The filter prevents the mucus from traveling through the tubing into mommy or daddy’s mouth. That’s right you are literally sucking the mucus from your babies nose. Initially, I thought that it sounded gross but it is really amazing. I couldn’t get my husband on board with the idea but I was the one sucking him out for the most part, especially in the middle of the night. The device never goes into the nasal passage just creates a seal at the tip of the nostril. So, you never have to worry if you are sticking a bulb syring to far into your baby. The chamber that holds the mucus is clear but tinted blue and allows you to see how much mucus was collected and makes for easier cleaning than a bulb. Although the product is not inserted into the nose, my child still screamed almost every time a sucked him out. Thankfully since I started using Nose Frida at a few weeks, my now almost 6 month old barely needs it. I will be happy to have it on hand when he gets his first cold. With any nasal aspirator it can make it earlier to get mucus out with fluid you could use a saline soultion or what is always recommend in my mommy circles breast milk.

The Nose Frida sells for around 15$ and the  extra filters you can buy for about 3$. Overall, I am very have with the product and highly recommend it to new mommies. Check out there website for more information or to purchase online at

*The product reviewed was self purchased. The opinions stated were my own and I received no compensation for writing this review.


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