Storing my Mommy Milk

Recently I was asked, “How do you store your breast milk and how do I pump?” There are many ways to pump and store. This is just what works best for me. I started pumping about a month ago for my second child. I did this knowing I might have to leave my exclusively breast-fed baby with another person. Every morning after my son Alexander nurses on one side. I get out of bed and pump the other side. That’s right, I only pump one side. I pump the opposite one whichever he nursed on last. I take the breast milk in the container I pumped in and just place it in the refrigerator.


I let a few bottles collect until I reach 4 ounces. Sometimes it takes 2 days and at the longest 4 days to accumulate all 4 ounces. The most I have ever gotten out in one pumping season, only pumping one side is 3 ounces. But, I only pump 15 minutes and occasionally 10 minutes due to a toddler, baby, or husband needing me. Once it looks like I collected enough I combine together. Gently swirl around bottle to get milk fat off sides, Do Not Shake! Next, I put in a freezer bag. Try and get as much of the air out as you can. I label the bag with the date first pumped and circle the amount of ounces in bag. Then I double make sure your seal is closed or you might have water works. I once forgot to double check the seal and lost four ounce and cried and was sad all day. Got to love mama hormones. You can lay the bag down on the counter to make sure it doesn’t leak. Not fail proof but a good test.


To take up less room in the freezer, lay flat until frozen. Then you can either buy a holder or just make one. I took a sparkling water card board box and cut it a little more than half. Once frozen the milk in the storage bags can stand up. Place storage bags in the box with the oldest date at the front and the newest at the back.



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