The Unbirthday Party

There is a new thing starting to happen is the circles I travel in. The Unbirthday party, as I call it. It is a birthday party but at the same time it isn’t. Recently, I had to explain this phenomena to someone and they were so completely confused. We were invited to a birthday party but told we must pay to attend, basically pay to enter that said location. It has happened a few times now for different friends at different locations. Usually a children’s play place like Monkey Joe’s or My Gym. The invite usually states, no present required, as you are paying to have a special play date with their child, at a favorite local.

I am kind of torn how I feel about it. I can see how this could be a way to go to a place that your child loves and be with their friends too. Upon entering the unbirthday party you couldn’t ever ask where everyone is. These type of play venues thrive on expensive birthday parties to keep them in business. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many of them. Some people can’t afford to have an expensive birthday party at a play place and others do not have this space in a home. So this could be the perfect solution.

On the other hand I feel with proper preparation you can have the special day for your child. Either you could save up money and possibly only invited their closest friends, or have it at a free place like a park or maybe community pool. I prefer to host at my house but we have the space and spend minimally on yummy food and activities for the kids.

So do you love it or or not? Maybe I am just a traditionalist. I haven’t had a huge budget to spend on a birthday parties for my kids but I plan in advance. Really, in advance my friends would say. I start thinking about the next birthday right after we just finished celebrating, always thinking ahead. What am I going to sew? Are we doing favors? Is there going to be a theme?


3 thoughts on “The Unbirthday Party

  1. I am against this trend: Children’s parties should be about fun, not the cash spent. If you can’t afford to have a party at a big venue, then try a park (children learn to play in all kinds of weather.) I fear that these children will grow up and expect that it is ok to ask for people to pay a cover to their weddings. 🙂

    • Hi Lauren thanks for commenting. It’s funny that you mentioned a wedding. Someone I spoke to regarding this was very against the idea as well and compared it to a cash bar at a wedding. I am not as strongly against this party style. I just like getting more involved in planning, decorating, and over all theme.

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