Playmobile Fun Park

So, everyone in South Florida kept asking me if I have been to Playmobile Fun Park Finally my family decided to take a day trip up to West Palm Beach to visit the so called Fun Park. Driving up the building was cute designed like a Playmobile castle. At the entrance I notice something a bit strange lots of potted plants outside. Not that potted plants are strange, there was just something about them and that fact that they were outside a kids play place.

Upon entering I noticed table and chairs and a vending machine. This would be great if you are planning to stay awhile and could take a break and give your kids a snack. The Fun Park is only a 1$ per person to enter and they allow you to stay as long as you like. While paying I glanced to the right and noticed those same pots from outside. We’ll it seems that the pots are manufactured in Germany by the Playmobile Company. They have a water reservoir and once filled they self water themselves. This is something very peculiar yet fascinating that they would even think to put these pots in a kids play place.

The Play room is set up with different stations. Most are individual tables and one theme on it. They had Playmobile toys both designed for boys are well as girls although my son just plays with what makes him happy. They have dinosaur, farms, pirates, house, castle, automobiles, and secret agents just to name a few.




There was a birthday party during our visit but the place is large enough that it didn’t seem crowded. We stayed about an hour and and a half in the play area. Then we walked through there toy section. It is set up like a regular store and prices for the most part were the same as a big retailer. We ended up buying a smaller figure for 3$ and my son was happy. Overall I liked the place it was great to be out of Florida heat and it was very inexpensive. My only complaint is that it took about an hour to get there and we stayed a short while so I don’t know if we will return that often. If we lived closer I would definitely go more often and recommend it to anyone in the West Palm area.

Flamingo Nursery Photos

Fall Photos at Flamingo Road Nursery located in Davie, FL. Every year for the past three years we have gone to this nursery around this time of year. We take some family photos. Usually buy a pumpkin or two and some plants to add to our family garden. It is free to enter but the events cost money. They have things like hay rides, pumpkin painting, a small pumpkin patch, and a place to take photos too. The actually nursery is great, with lots of plants to choose from. We always leave with a cart full and they also have a small indoor market to buy ready made foods and fresh produce. Here are the photos from this year.




Storing my Mommy Milk

Recently I was asked, “How do you store your breast milk and how do I pump?” There are many ways to pump and store. This is just what works best for me. I started pumping about a month ago for my second child. I did this knowing I might have to leave my exclusively breast-fed baby with another person. Every morning after my son Alexander nurses on one side. I get out of bed and pump the other side. That’s right, I only pump one side. I pump the opposite one whichever he nursed on last. I take the breast milk in the container I pumped in and just place it in the refrigerator.


I let a few bottles collect until I reach 4 ounces. Sometimes it takes 2 days and at the longest 4 days to accumulate all 4 ounces. The most I have ever gotten out in one pumping season, only pumping one side is 3 ounces. But, I only pump 15 minutes and occasionally 10 minutes due to a toddler, baby, or husband needing me. Once it looks like I collected enough I combine together. Gently swirl around bottle to get milk fat off sides, Do Not Shake! Next, I put in a freezer bag. Try and get as much of the air out as you can. I label the bag with the date first pumped and circle the amount of ounces in bag. Then I double make sure your seal is closed or you might have water works. I once forgot to double check the seal and lost four ounce and cried and was sad all day. Got to love mama hormones. You can lay the bag down on the counter to make sure it doesn’t leak. Not fail proof but a good test.


To take up less room in the freezer, lay flat until frozen. Then you can either buy a holder or just make one. I took a sparkling water card board box and cut it a little more than half. Once frozen the milk in the storage bags can stand up. Place storage bags in the box with the oldest date at the front and the newest at the back.


Dairy free oat cakes

After Having baby #2, I had to change somethings with my diet. Alexander is sensitive to Dairy and Soy which he receives via my breast milk. I wanted to still enjoy things like baked goods which can be tricky without dairy. I came up with these ingredients based upon looking into many other recipes, especially gluten free recipes. These oat cakes are similar to a chewy cookie. I prefer them without oil and kept in the refrigerator and eaten cold with rice or coconut milk. Dairy Free Oat Cakes 2 cups oats 1/2 cup peanut butter or 1/3 cup oil 3 bananas 1 tsp vanilla extract 1/4 cup cocoa nibs 1/4 cup chopped dates 1/4 cup raisins 1/4 cup chia seeds First mash bananas up with a fork and add in peanut butter or oil and vanilla. Then add rest of the ingredient in and mix until incorporated together.


I used an ice cream scoop to get cookies equal proportions and wet the bottom of a glass container or even a measuring cup to press down slightly to get puck shape. Pre heat oven to 350 degrees and bake approximately 20 minuets. Allow to sit about 3 minuets and then transfer to a cooling rack. Enjoy!


The Unbirthday Party

There is a new thing starting to happen is the circles I travel in. The Unbirthday party, as I call it. It is a birthday party but at the same time it isn’t. Recently, I had to explain this phenomena to someone and they were so completely confused. We were invited to a birthday party but told we must pay to attend, basically pay to enter that said location. It has happened a few times now for different friends at different locations. Usually a children’s play place like Monkey Joe’s or My Gym. The invite usually states, no present required, as you are paying to have a special play date with their child, at a favorite local.

I am kind of torn how I feel about it. I can see how this could be a way to go to a place that your child loves and be with their friends too. Upon entering the unbirthday party you couldn’t ever ask where everyone is. These type of play venues thrive on expensive birthday parties to keep them in business. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many of them. Some people can’t afford to have an expensive birthday party at a play place and others do not have this space in a home. So this could be the perfect solution.

On the other hand I feel with proper preparation you can have the special day for your child. Either you could save up money and possibly only invited their closest friends, or have it at a free place like a park or maybe community pool. I prefer to host at my house but we have the space and spend minimally on yummy food and activities for the kids.

So do you love it or or not? Maybe I am just a traditionalist. I haven’t had a huge budget to spend on a birthday parties for my kids but I plan in advance. Really, in advance my friends would say. I start thinking about the next birthday right after we just finished celebrating, always thinking ahead. What am I going to sew? Are we doing favors? Is there going to be a theme?

Hey I’m Bloggin

Welcome to After Nap Time, A Mommy Blog!

I would consider myself to be a crunchy mama that falls into Attachment Parenting practice for child rearing. Meaning we try to be organic with less toxins, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapers and co-sleeping family. I plan to write a blog that encompasses my crunchy life with my loving husband and to boys.

In 2008, I married my best friend and true love, Don, who is the head technical advisor at a private estate. We had our first child, a son named Benjamin, in 2010. Benjamin is a very spirited, adventurous, little boy who loves to play and build things. We had our second son, Alexander, in 2013. He is an adorable little monster who makes us all smile whenever he smiles!

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with my concentration in Archaeology and minor in photography at Florida Atlantic University.  I then returned to school and received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Nova Southeastern University in 2009. After school I wanted a flexible job where I could focus my attention to my son and chose Home Health Nursing. From there I changed agencies and became a Supervisor and got promoted into a Case Management position working 60+ hours and felt disconnected from family life. Now I am a Stay At Home Mom focusing my attention toward my two beautiful boys and our life together.

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