Welcome to After Nap Time, a mommy blog!


Photo by: Out On A Whim Photography 

My name is Allison Jarmon, I would consider myself to be a crunchy mama that falls into Attachment Parenting practice for child rearing. Meaning we try to be organic with less toxins, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapers and co-sleeping family.


In 2008, I married my best friend and true love, Don, who is the head technical advisor at a private estate. We had our first child, a son named Benjamin, in 2010. Benjamin is a very spirited, adventurous, little boy who loves to play and build things. We had our second son, Alexander, in 2013. He is an adorable little monster who makes us all smile whenever he smiles!


I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with my concentration in Archaeology and minor in photography at Florida Atlantic University.  I then returned to school and received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Nova Southeastern University in 2009. After school I wanted a flexible job where I could focus my attention to my son and chose Home Health Nursing. From there I changed agencies and became a Supervisor and got promoted into a Case Management position working 60+ hours and felt disconnected from family life. Now I am a Stay At Home Mom focusing my attention toward my two beautiful boys and our life together.

Please feel free to contact me for reviews, questions, or other inquiries at afternaptime@yahoo.com


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